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Whilst we are willing and able to source wines competitively from all the world’s wine regions, our abiding passion is for Italy. With an unparalleled array of different grapes and styles, it is as hard to place Italian wines in one encompassing bracket as it is the people. The cultural influence and spread of grapes from France, the Germanic lands, Eastern Europe and older still Greece, Asia Minor and Iberia as well as its uniquely diverse climate and topography and longitudanal extremes, allows Italy to boast an unrivalled selection of different wines. What other country could draw forth wines encompassing the spectrum from inky-blue, broad-shouldered Nero d’Avola from the baking plains south of Siracusa and the ethereal, tautly mineral Rieslings of Valle Venosta beneath the snow-capped Dolomites? 
As well as variety, one must emphasise quality, but whilst this can be as variable as in any wine-producing country, the best Italian wines, and increasing numbers of them, are among the very best in the world. The bottom line is that one can maintain a well-stocked, interestingly-varied cellar of excellent wines for all occasions without needing to travel beyond Italy’s borders. Just ask an Italian.
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