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The Bin Club

To accommodate both your increasing interest in fine wine but also increasingly less time to devote to it, A Moveable Feast offers membership to our monthly Bin Club. Each month we will offer three tiers of wine options at around £165 per selection from which you can choose. These selections can be viewed on our website but will also be emailed to you monthly and will accord to the following categories:

  • Option A: 6-8 every day reds at up to £12 plus 2 or 3 dinner party wines as above
  • Option B: 5-6 dinner party wines at up to £30 plus remaining sum on every day red
  • Option C: 3 or 4 bottles of wine at £30+ for The Cellar/Special Occasions plus any remaining sum on every day red

You can to choose one or several or any combination of the preferred tier/s according to your specified monthly budget. Previous month's selections will also be offered where stocks are still available. Full tasting notes and drinking dates will be included plus free delivery within Central London on all orders over 12 bottles, as well as two complimentary tickets to our bi-annual tastings.

In this way, with minimal fuss and time consumed you can create and steadily maintain a fantastic fine wine cellar.

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