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Starting Up

We offer three broad categories of wines:

  • Everyday
    These are wines up to £12 per bottle which can be opened guilt-free, equally after a hard Monday at work or at the tail-end of a large Saturday night.
  • Dinner Party
    Wines up to £30 per bottle which are for entertaining more discerning guests or for enjoyment with a particularly fine meal or companion.
  • Special/For the Cellar
    These are your very best wines at £30+ each which will often (but not exclusively) be purchased young and thus usually require ageing; equally for investment purposes or particularly grand occasions.

Working with this three-tier system, we further recommend a pyramid structure requiring wine-spend to be divided in to roughly equal thirds, e.g. - with an initial outlay of around £1500, a suggested cellar plan could be:

  • 8x6 mixed Everday wines @ £10.50 p/b average = £504
  • 4x6 mixed Dinner Party wines @ £21 p/b average = £504
  • 2x6 (4x3) mixed Special/For the Cellar wines @ £42 average = £504

Total: 84 bottles @ £1512

This is just an sample cellar plan (albeit a popular one) and we can tailor your cellar to accommodate whatever preferences you have, weighting it as you require.

Our Bin Club provides the perfect vehicle for the steady growth and maintenance of your cellar.

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