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Round the World in 80 Wines

Do you want to appreciate and learn about the fruits of the vine, their rich history and exciting future, and the trends, pitfalls and essentials of modern day imbibing?
Do you find it hard to associate wine with the classroom and preferable to have a relaxed, informal environment for the exchange of ideas and opinions regarding this fine lubricant of social discourse? 
A Moveable Feast offers a general introduction to different grape varieties to suit all interests and levels of experience, followed by an exploration of wine styles from different regions in a ten session course - Round the World in 80 Wines.
Sessions are practical as well as academic, improving your confidence as a consumer as much as your knowledge as an enthusiast. You will feel better able to tackle the hieroglyphics of restaurants' wine lists (and the condescension of their sommeliers), to steer a course through retailer’s bin end minefields and spot genuine bargains, and to proffer sounder food/wine marriage guidance when dining out or entertaining in.
  1. Grape Expectations – introduction to noble varieties
  2. From Meursault to Margaux – classic Burgundy and Bordeaux
  3. The Valley Boys – Loire lushes and Rhone Rangers
  4. Bubbles and Bruisers – Champagne and Southern French Reds
  5. La Dolce Vita 1 – Northern Italy
  6. La Dolce Vita 2 – Central and Southern Italy
  7. Viva Espana – Spain and Sherry
  8. The Antipodes – Australia and New Zealand
  9. Across the Pond – California, Chile and Argentina
  10. New World vs Old World Challenge (including S. Africa and Germany)
Sessions can be arranged fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. Suitable for 8-12 people.
  • For at-home courses in central London, excluding food accompaniments – although recommendations will be suggested.  £30pp per session. 
  • If requiring use of central (Kensington) venue plus food: £45
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